Tijdschrift voor Herstelrecht


Letsels, woede en verhalen van herstel

Trefwoorden dialooggroep, assisenproces, jurylidmaatschap, burgerparticipatie
Auteurs Peter Vermeersch

Peter Vermeersch
Peter Vermeersch is Professor of Politics bij het Leuven International and European Studies (LINES) en auteur van het boek Aantekeningen bij een moord (2019).
  • Samenvatting

      In this essay Peter Vermeersch, a social scientist and writer, describes his personal journey to the world of restorative justice. It starts with a group encounter between inmates and victims of non-related crimes in a Belgian prison. As one of the participants in this meeting the author discusses his experience as the victim of a robbery. He also gives an account of his experience as member of a jury trial for a murder case in Brussels, about which he published a book (2019). Vermeersch reflects on his role as juror, illuminates the short-comings of the justice system and its old-fashioned architecture, and most importantly, observes the complex human realities that hide behind the standard images of offenders, victims and other people involved in a crime. In this context, he asks what justice is, thinks about what the role of punishment and retribution can be, and, more broadly, discusses the potential of citizens’ participation and deliberation in issues of public interest. The essay includes several references to film, poetry and other literature that challenges stereotypical images of good and evil. It concludes with a discussion of the wider societal meaning and possible role of restorative justice.

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