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Aflevering 4, 2021 Alle samenvattingen uitklappen

Access_open Tussen tegenhouden en reguleren: de bestuurlijke aanpak van outlaw motorcycle gangs in Nederland

Trefwoorden mayors, administrative approach, prevention, barriers, organized crime
Auteurs Teun van Ruitenburg

    Dutch mayors play an increasingly prominent role in tackling (organized) crime. However, empirical research into how mayors fulfil this role remains scarce. Based on 23 interviews with nineteen mayors and sixteen municipal officials, this study reveals the different ways in which mayors have given meaning to the administrative approach of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) in the period 2012-2017. While the national approach to OMCGs fits within the wider focus in society on prevention and the exclusion of ‘risky groups’, this empirical study shows how mayors give their own effect to this focus at the local level.

Teun van Ruitenburg
Dr. T. van Ruitenburg is postdoconderzoeker bij het Nederlands Studiecentrum Criminaliteit en Rechtshandhaving (NSCR).

Slachtofferschap en slachtoffer-daderschap in Nederlandse penitentiaire inrichtingen

Trefwoorden victimization, Life in Custody Study, misconduct, routine activities, violence
Auteurs Sophie Martens, Esther van Ginneken en Hanneke Palmen

    Dutch prisons are not exempt from incidents. Despite the negative impact of violence on the safety of inmates and the chances of successful reintegration, not much is known about the prevalence of victimization in Dutch prisons and the characteristics of victims. Additionally, previous research has pointed out the overlap between victim status and offender status. In this contribution, the authors will discuss the prevalence of self-reported victimization among Dutch inmates and the characteristics of victims and victim-offenders. Data from 3,485 participants from the Life in Custody Study are used for this purpose.

Sophie Martens
S.G.M.M. Martens BA was tijdens dit onderzoek aangesteld als onderzoeksassistent bij het Instituut voor Strafrecht & Criminologie van de Universiteit Leiden.

Esther van Ginneken
Dr. E.F.J.C. van Ginneken is universitair docent criminologie aan het Instituut voor Strafrecht & Criminologie van de Universiteit Leiden en projectleider van de Life in Custody Study.

Hanneke Palmen
Dr. J.M.H. Palmen is universitair hoofddocent criminologie aan het Instituut voor Strafrecht & Criminologie van de Universiteit Leiden en is projectleider van de Life in Custody Study.

De hybride en het klimaat

Het belang van Bruno Latour voor de criminologie

Trefwoorden Bruno Latour, ecocide, herstelrecht, antropocentrisme, antropoceen
Auteurs Marc Schuilenburg

    This chronicle discusses the importance of Bruno Latour’s work for criminology, paying attention to the role of technology and our relationship to nature. The author proposes to criminalize ecocide and advocates the use of restorative justice in dealing with environmental crimes.

Marc Schuilenburg
Prof. dr. mr. M. Schuilenburg is Bijzonder Hoogleraar Digital Surveillance aan de Erasmus Universiteit en universitair docent aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam binnen het departement Strafrecht en Criminologie.

Het leefklimaat in penitentiaire inrichtingen: een overzicht van onderzoek uit de Lage Landen

Trefwoorden Prison, Climate, Correlates, Consequences, Overview
Auteurs Elien Goossens en Tom Daems

    In recent years scientific interest in various aspects of prison climate has increased exponentially. At first, such research was being initiated and undertaken predominantly within Anglo-Saxon penology but, more recently, research into prison climate is also increasingly taking place elsewhere, including in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this article the authors offer an overview of Dutch and Belgian research on prison climate. They discuss the literature from two broad angles: first, the characteristics of prisons and incarcerated individuals that determine the quality of prison climate; and, second, research on the impact of prison climate on inmates themselves.

Elien Goossens
MSc E. Goossens is doctoraatsonderzoeker FWO aan het Leuvens Instituut voor Criminologie (LINC), KU Leuven.

Tom Daems
Prof. dr. T. Daems is hoogleraar aan het Leuvens Instituut voor Criminologie (LINC), KU Leuven.